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If you’re seeking platforms for guest posts in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, you’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to Jessica Lee Calligraphy, a women’s magazine website that covers fashion, beauty, lifestyle, product testing, recipes, and health articles. If you’re eager to contribute high-quality articles to a popular fashion website, you’re in the right spot.

We’re on the lookout for passionate writers and experts to craft content for Jessica Lee Calligraphy. As a contributor, you’ll inspire women to lead joyful, healthy lives on a platform that values their diverse experiences.

Jessica Lee Calligraphy provides an avenue for you to share your passions and ideas with our readers. It’s simple—we offer the tools you need to publish your story and engage with our community.

Write for Us – Topics Include Fashion, Lifestyle, Beauty, Jewelry, Fitness, and Skin Care We’re now accepting guest posts, but please note that we exclusively feature content related to Fashion, Lifestyle, Beauty, Home and Kitchen, and Fitness—content that resonates with women’s interests.

Guest Post Guidelines Please review our guest post guidelines before submitting your content.

  1. Topics Here are preferred topic ideas, ensuring your article aligns with the categories mentioned above.

You can contribute the following content:

  • Women’s Fashion: Outfit Ideas, Clothing, Jewelry, Shoes, Accessories, and more.
  • Beauty and Personal Care: Makeup Tips, Hairstyles, Skincare, Nails, etc. (excluding CBD, plastic surgery, weight loss, medical topics).
  • Wedding: Dresses, Ideas, Rings, Jewelry.
  • Lifestyle: Dating, Travel, Gift Ideas.
  • Home and Kitchen: Including Kitchen, Bedding, Bath, Furniture, Decor, and more.
  • Fitness: Tips, Product Reviews.

At present, we’re focusing solely on these topics. If your content doesn’t fit these categories, kindly refrain from submission, as it’s unlikely to be published.

  1. Length Ideal articles are 800+ words, with an optimum length of over 1200 words.
  2. Writing for Real People Well-researched and informative content is our goal—value and knowledge for our readers. Your articles are aimed at real people, not just search engines. Cater to our women-focused audience (ages 18-70) and maintain engaging articles. We decline articles lacking substance.
  3. Proper Sourcing Credit statistics, images, and quotes used. For images, use your own or free internet images, ensuring proper resource links for others’ images.
  4. Formatting At Jessica Lee Calligraphy, we follow a specific post format, and we expect you to do the same.
  • Your article should be scannable and well-structured.
  • Maintain a casual, conversational tone. Inform, don’t lecture.
  • Use H2 and H3 tags properly capitalized (e.g., How to Write a Blog Post).
  • Keep paragraphs concise—2 to 3 sentences each.
  • We appreciate articles that address common questions or present numbered lists of tactics.